Dear Member

As the Branch winds up its 2019 scheduled activities, I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for having supported your Branch through the year, out of which we have seen great strides in promoting ADR.

We look forward to a deeper engagement with you in the year 2020 for which we have planned several exiting and informative activities; we count on your support to actualize them.

As we close the year it is my humble duty to inform you of the following:

1.     The Schedule of Courses for the year 2020 is out and if you have not progressed through the modules to the highest level of membership, we urge you to take note of the dates and venues of the courses with an intention of taking up courses you are interested in.

2.     We intend to host an International ADR Conference in the last quarter of the year 2020 and we look forward to your participation to make the event a success.

3.     Members in various categories are expected to comply with the CPD policy (enclosed) by ensuring that they attain the required number of points within the year. Kindly take note of the CPD Events, make time to attend so that you can share knowledge and network in the ADR Space.

4.     We encourage you to expand your horizons by continuously undertaking research and write on topical issues in ADR which we publish in the Branch Journal twice a year. The Editorial Board will be informing you from time to time on submission dates. We also encourage members to submit news items for our e-Splash newsletter. This medium of communication keeps our members informed of current affairs on a monthly basis.

5.     Finally with regards to local branch annual subscription, there is a directive from the Global Board of Trustee that branches worldwide shall not collect local subscription. Instead, members globally are to pay their annual London subscription and then London would fund branches on need basis. We have made great strides as a branch due to local subscription support and whereas we have complied with this directive and will not collect subscriptions until otherwise advised by London, there is need for us to support our programmes that may be underfunded or get no funding at all from London. These include running the secretariat, publishing of the journal, monthly talks, members’ forums, general meetings, seminars, annual cocktail and members’ lunch, our initiatives in the counties, universities e.t.c., all which lead to development of ADR and your personal growth in the ADR sphere.

For us to sustain the upward trend, the branch committee has considered the impact of this directive and seen the need to ask members for voluntary support of the above and other programmes, as we assess the impact of this directive on the branch. We therefore urge you to contribute towards the annual development fund at the following rates:

Ksh. 5,000Ksh. 8,000Ksh. 10,000

Being a voluntary contribution, the branch encourages you to give any other amount above the indicated rates and this additional contribution will be acknowledge through the roll of honour board at the institute, among other forms of recognition, depending on the contribution.

6.     The Secretariat Offices will be closed from Monday 16th December 2019 to Friday 3rd January 2020 to re-open on Monday 6th January 2020.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year, 2020!

Yours faithfully